One Evening After the War

Rithy Panh – Cambodia

A large part of Savannah’s family was exterminated by the Pol Pot regime. He lives in a miserable, overcrowded capital still scarred by endless war. In spite of the horrors he has seen, he overflows with life and boundless energy. Srey Poeuv wants to die, as she can never escape the humiliation she carries around with her.

One Evening After the War (1998) After the end of the Cambodian Civil War, people in Cambodia struggled in their return to their normal lives. Among them is a kick boxer Savannah (Narith Roeun). A survivor of the war, who lost most of his family to the horrors of the Khmer Rouge, he lives with his uncle in Phnom Penh. Savannah begins a romance with a 19-year-old bar girl, Srey Poeuv (Chea Lyda Chan). She is humiliated by her debts to the bar’s owner, and is forced to keep working. Savannah wants to help Srey clear her debt, so he teams up with an ex-soldier and plans a crime that could net him some money.