La danse du singe et du poisson

Pierre-Alain Meier – Cambodia

Fifteen years after the barbarity of the Pol Pot regime, filmmaker Rity Panh returns to his homeland to make Neak Sr̻ (Rice People). During the nearly four years of Khmer Rouge terror (1975 Р1979), tens of thousands of Cambodian children were killed, often in the most cruellest of ways. The images that immediately come to mind when we think of the horrors of war are not a destroyed city, or even a mass grave, but the eyes of the children who survived.

The seven young actresses in the film, who were all born during the terrible genocide or during the years of occupation that followed, have a strong need, in order to resist the ever-present death, to portray, much more than others, the horror of abandonment and the happiness of being loved. That’s what we wanted to try and document.

Pierre-Alain Meier, april 1994

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