L’hacienda du bonheur

Heikki Arekallio – Switzerland

In her grey, sad council flat Silvia dreams of a life, like those of the glamorous characters in her favourite telenovela “L’Hacienda du Bonheur”, which she watches every night with her two children Johnny and Pamela. In a bid to find a soul mate, that lives up to her fictional expectations, she decides to place an add in the local newspaper…

With Caroline Cons. Screenplay: Christof Stillhard, Antoine Jaccoud. Assistant director: Eric Bellot. Script: Claire Firmann. Camera: Thomas Hardmeier, assisted by Eric Stitzel. Chief électrician: Eric André, assisted by Thomas Wagnières-Forel. Key grip: Nicolas Meylan. Sound: Marc Nouyrigat, assisted by Vincent Pluss. Sound illustration: Jacques Zürcher. Music: Jean Hemmer. Mixing: Hans Künzi. Make up: Nathalie Monod. Costumes: Catherine Bronnimann. Set design: Claire Peverelli. Editing: Daniel Gibel. Location manager: Mariana Olofsson. Production manager: Olivier Talpain.

Produced by Thelma Film AG, Zurich, in coproduction with SSR/SRG, with the participation of Federal Office of culture.


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