Pfeffer und Salz

Martin Rengel – Switzerland

We overhear a phone call. A man is trying to seduce a woman, to convince her to come over for dinner. We follow a young woman in her daily routine, leading up to her amorous encounter. What is it we’re hearing ? Who is it we’re seeing ?

With Sandra Moser. Screenplay: Brigitte Martinez, Martin Rengel. Assistante director: Jacqueline Surchat. Script: Mirjam Krakenberger. Camera: Peter Indergand, assisted by Stefan Stefanini. Chief Ă©lectrician: Ernst Brunner. Key grip: Peter Demmer. Sound illustration, mixing: Dieter Lengacher. Sound: Andreas Stahl. Make up, hairdressing: Ronald Fahm. Set design, costumes: Claudia FlĂĽtsch, assisted by Madeleine Lehmann. Editing: Georg Janett. Location manager: Rachel Schmid. Production manager: Rose-Marie Schneider.

Produced by Thelma Film AG, Zurich, in coproduction with SSR/SRG, with the participation of Federal Office of culture.


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