Les voies du Seigneur

Antoine Plantevin – Switzerland

Sister Angelique is praying with all her might for Rinalde to arrive – a prisoner on leave who was meant to meet her, but hasn’t turned up yet. The Mother Superior, who walks in on her praying in the chapel, strongly advises her to be cautious of men; perverts who could take advantage of her innocence. Sister Angelique listens to her words of wisdom, but when she hears Rinalde’s motorbike pull up outside, she rushes out to greet him. May the Lord be with her !

With Sophie Lukasik, Geneviève Fontanel. Screenplay: Bianca Conti Rossini, Antoine Plantevin. Assistant director: Pierre Lacourt. Script: Marianne Schoch. Camera Patrice Cologne, assisted by Christian Jacquenod. Chief electrician: Samy Emery, assisted by Thomas Wagnières-Forel. Key grip: Jean-Luc Staub, Samuel Asteroth. Sound illustration: Philippe Abrezol, assisted by Christian Freytag. Sound: Cristof Carriòn. Make up, hairdressing: Laurence Rieux. Costumes: Véronique Michel. Set design, accessories: Stéphane Levy, Patrick Stoll. Editing: Maya Schmid, assisted by Corinne Dubuis. Location manager: Eric Bellot. Production manager: Olivier Talpain.

Produced by Thelma Film AG, Zurich, in coproduction avec la SSR/SRG, with the participation of Federal Office of culture.


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