Joyeux Noël

Bianca Conti Rossini – Switzerland

On Christmas Eve Annie, a young girl with a lively imagination, wonders who the stranger is her mother Lise has invited to join them for dinner. What if he’s the murderer who has been roaming the streets of the city, preying on single women ? Her mother becomes wary as well and panic sets in when the doorbell rings. Who’s this stranger trying to force his way into the house ?

With Sophie Mounicot, Cécile Falck. Screenplay: Emmanuelle Delle Piane, Bianca Conti Rossini. Assistant director: Sophie Videgrain, assisted by Oana Le Saux. Script: Anaïs Marillier. Camera: Hans Meier, assisted by Muriel Coulin. Chief electrician: Julien Bassouls, assisted by Martin Boutilie. Key grip: Louis Vercraene. Sound illustration: Stéphane Kayler; assised by Pierre Carrasco. Sound: Antoine Auberson. Catering: Olivier Cueto. Mixing: Joël Rangon. Make up, costumes, hairdressing: Arno Ventura. Set design: Christian Bamberger, assisted by Fred Fichter. Editing: Cristiana Tullio Altan. Location manager: Sylvie Geffroy. Production assistant: Josette Moriaux-Delpit. Production manager: Eric Munier.

Produced by Thelma Film AG, Zurich, in coproduction with SSR/SRG, with the participation of Federal Office of culture.


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