Einfach so

Christoph Schaub – Switzerland

Angela has planned her blind date perfectly: She will arrive early at the restaurant, so she can get a good look of the stranger before he sees her. For reassurance she takes along her trusty companion, her dog Zacki. The stranger is late to arrive and a series of misunderstandings begin to create havoc…Fortunately she has Zacki by her side, who saves the day and finds her the man of her dreams.

With Katharina von Bock, Michael Neuenschwander. Screenplay: Barbara Sobeck. Assistante director and casting: Susann Rüdlinger. Script: Barbara Koller. Camera: Pio Corradi, assisted by Filip Zumbrunn. Chief electricien: André Pinkus, assisted by Andres Seeberger, Men Lareida. Key Grip: Jürg Albrecht. Sound illustration: Pavol Jasovsky. Sound: Peter Bräker. Mixing: Florian Eidenbenz. Make up, hairdressing: Diane Rietsch, assisted by Ronald Fahm. Costumes: Dorothee Schmid. Set design, accessories: Monika Bregger, assisted by Julia Zink. Catering: Maya Wegmüller, assisted by David Bintzenhofe. Editing: Fee Liechti, assisted by Anita Vetterli. Location manager: Ines Zurbuchen. Production manager: Brigitte Gloor.

Produced by Thelma Film AG, Zurich, in coproduction with SSR/SRG, with the participation of Federal Office of culture.


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