Robert Bouvier – Suisse

Lucie is a dreamer on a mission to find her Prince Charming. She has a date in a cabaret. There with the code word “deep night” she will meet with a handsome stranger. When a blind painter calls her up on stage with that very code word asking her to pose for one of his painting, she feels like she’s in a fairy tale. “Deep night” however doesn’t turn out to be the prince she had hoped for. But Lucie, who trusts her lucky star, isn’t ready to give up on her fantasy just yet…

With Corinne Darmon, Didier Sauvegrain. Screenplay: Robert Bouvier. Assistant director: Thierry Mouquin. Script and sound editing: Valérie Weyer. Camera: Denis Jutzeler, assisted by Joseph Areddy. Chief electrician: Samy Emery, assisted by Gérald Isler. Key grip: Nil Henchoz. Sound: Philippe Abrezol, assisted by Christian Freytag and Martin Stricker. Music: Robert Bouvier, Thierry Châtelain. Mixing: Hans Künzi. Make up: Laurence Rieux. Costumes: Catherine Bronnimann. Set design: Stéphane Levy. Editing: Loredana Cristelli, assisted by Anita Vetterli. Location manager: Eric Bellot. Production manager: Olivier Talpain.

Produced by Thelma Film AG, Zurich, in coproduction with SSR/SRG, with the participation of Federal Office of culture.


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