Charming neighbours

Claudio Tonetti – Switzerland

Daniel Berger, a civil servant in cadastral survey in the Vaud canton has an enviable life with his own villa and expensive car… It is well known around lake Leman that keeping relations on an even keel makes for good relations. But, the senior member of the Council of State decides to apply methods of New Public Management and assigns Werner Schäfer from Zurich to carry out the job. When Werner Schäfer also comes to live next door to Daniel Berger, life takes on a more complicated nature… Claudio Tonetti’s film is the first to come out of the writer’s workshop “Nous les Suisses” which was set up after the “Audiovisual Pact”, a partnership between television and professionals from the Swiss film industry. The workshop’s sizeable ambition is to depict the Helvetic way of life and culture. Claudio Tonetti manages to do just that in this delicious serious comedy with its “Röstigraben” background. The acute way a situation is looked into and the respect for the characters is much appreciated in this film and although nothing is perfect of course, it is far from all Manicheism. These and other qualities well show off the value of Tonetti’s art.

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